20A 12V Battery Charger

We are 12v 20AH car battery charger manufacturer it is small firm, working locally in Baluchistan Province of Pakistan. Our product is designed for multi purpose battery charger, car battery, or flooded, lead acid or other type of battery. It contains many Safety features inside PCB, Power in fuse and DC power out fuse, Inverse battery polarity protection, do not give power till 12v detects. Auto Fan , AC power indicator and Charging indicators, Digital Display for Volts and Amperes. Providing 4 colors for casing, it is powder coating metal casing.

Our Custom SMPS PCB design is for US standard AC 110V 60HZ And European Standard 220V 50HZ custom Plugs selection is available, also Power charger have an external socket for running a load from battery when power failure.

Proving our product for Export to US marketĀ  and Europe.


Please contact us for inquiry.


  • Full automatic battery charger
  • 12V 20AH battery Charger.
  • Digital Volt meter and Amp meter.
  • Alligator clips included in box.
  • 3 Step Bulk charging and float charging.
  • Reverse Battery polarity protection.
  • AC 100-240Votls.
  • SMPS ,switching technology.
  • Pure copper winding in high frequency transformer.
  • No SMD parts in PCB.
  • Dual Power Mosfet.
  • Dual Safety fuses, AC and DC side in PCB.

Please contact us for inquiry.

  • Minimum Order 1000 Pcs.
  • Sample is available.
  • Time Duration 1-3 Month. (Local market conditions depended, possibly 1-5Months.)
  • Order in Queue.
  • 50% Advance for Your order.
  • Reports after 2 weeks.
  • On completion 50% left payment and Shipping.
  • Payment OptionsĀ  Paypal Xoom, L/C.
  • Custom logo and Branding available in larger order.